I’ll try a hand at this commissioning stuff

Hello all!

I don’t spend too much time on tumblr, and I never make too many posts, but I’m crawling out of my dark hole and making one now to help out with cae’s fundraising endeavors! I guess I’m pretty nervous for how this’ll turn out, so here goes!

I’ll be taking commissions to help pay for 17’s flight to Anime Expo! I want to help cae meet up with internet frands, and this IRL meeting is a once in a lifetime opportunity!!


Full color stuff:
I only have fullbody samples eeep.
Keeping these at 10 dollars, with $10 for every extra character !

Weird chibi style that I’ve been playing with? (It’s only a sketch aaaaaaah)
These are 5 bux, with $5 more for each additional character.

Here’s what the rundown will be:

  1. Ask for commissions via askbox, or my email at dilee002@gmail.com. Send me what you want me to draw: references, any additional notes, and I will send a confirmation message back!
  2. I will send finished commissions via email, so make sure to leave an email address!
  3. Send all money to cae’s paypal at atomicmegatron@gmail.com; I can’t accept it cause of lack of paypal. Opps.

Can you feel the tension and excitement in the air? YES. IT COMES OFF IN WAVES.


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